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Epidemiological ignorance

20/10/2019 | random-questions | pseudorandom-rants

This is just another (most probably irrelevant) try of the author to remind a miniscule minority of insane readers that our only possibility is to "make them think" 1. In the age of the epidemiological omnipresence of ignorance towards all intellectual progress as well as essential 2 questions of (inhuman) civilization, it is most likely just an illusion of hope 3 to try to be a tiny dot in the chain of the triggers that leads to a thinking process of a being - even if it would only be the case with a single being. 4

Those, who are still reading on, be mentioned that you have been warned. Why would a healthy head want to read something like this, want to waste its already finite time on something like this? Seriously. Go out and buy yourself a life 5 (if it should be your taste). In the first paragraph of futility, four footnotes had to be added to make something incomprehensible even less understandable. So why are you doing this to yourself?

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This irrelevant website will contain such and similar "ad-hoc, informally-specified, bug-ridden" 6 contributions which - according to the current concept - can be described as follows:

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  1. as "everyone" should have learned from Socrates
  2. whatever that means and whoever may define it
  3. see the discussion regarding Pandora's box and and the argumentation/interpretation regarding "hope" of Nietzsche
  4. this is probably just another sneaky attempt to build the next echo chamber
  5. whatever that means and whoever may define it
  6. Greenspun's tenth rule
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