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detoxified-dark - Just another irrelevant theme

23/10/2019 | cryogen | floss

As you can also read here, I released the theme files of this site.

The theme (detoxified-dark) is in the spirit of the MFW and the discussion about it - just as the explicit positive statement regarding design minimalism (see also "339-bytes-of-responsive-css/baserock" and "58 bytes of css to look great nearly everywhere").

It tries to offer an antidote in today's design world and focus again on the (textual) content - not on any design gimmicks that - compared to the content - should be at the end of the food chain.

Some of the current (non-)features are:

See detoxified-dark@github for more details.

I would have to toss a lot of coins to make a decision regarding JS integration for optional features to restore the Cryogen disqus-/klipse-/highlight.js-support.

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